I don’t agree with the Monotheist Lifestyle.


The recent attacks in France. The terrorist attacks of 7/7 and 9/11. The beheading of infidels. The use of the Papal Pear and other torture devices on heretics, “witches”, and others who wouldn’t bow to the Cowardly Carpenter. The Dark Ages. The murder of the smartest and most creative by the regressive and the power hungry. The transformation of the race and culture that gave us Algebra into the blasted, miserable moonscape of Middle East violence we see today.


What do these things all have in common?

They are expressions of the Monotheist Lifestyle.

I am an American and, thus, I believe that people should be free to engage in this lifestyle but, at the same time, I think it is important that people know the dangers of engaging in monotheism.

  1. Reduced Intelligence: The facts don’t lie. Monotheists score lower than atheists and “nones” on IQ tests. The higher religiosity in a given region the less intelligent its inhabitants. I suspect this is due to suspension of disbelief common in Monotheism paired with poor, circular logic arguments made to reinforce these suspensions (also known as “Theology” by monotheists). These lend themselves to people simply being less intelligent due to an atrophy in their critical thinking brought on by a willful lack of use. No grown adult with an education can honestly believe in the literal Genesis account as accurate or that a supreme being cares whether you face a magical rock in the East during certain times of the day when you pray. Are there examples of intelligent monotheists? Of course. Take the fan-favorite C.S. Lewis. But I submit that evidence indicates he would have been even smarter had he freed his mind from the constraints of this dangerous lifestyle choice. Such wasted potential.
  2. Reduced Morality: I have had so many conversations with monotheists who don’t understand the difference between being gay and rape that this seems to be a large issue with them. As with the intellect, I would posit that it is an atrophy for lack of use. No need to use your own conscience when a big, magical book called the Talmud or the Magisterium lays the moral rules out for you. Many atheists incorrectly believe that Christians and Muslims can be “good without God” but I suspect this is a dangerous assumption of reason on behalf of the unreasonable. People who believe Murder is equal to gay guys getting married or a transgender person transitioning are too dangerous to be trusted. In such a case that one gets rid of monotheism, it would be important to perform a sort of therapy, lest the monotheist devolve into derangement and become dangerous.
  3. More Violent: Nations that practice this deadly lifestyle in abundance have greater amounts of violent crime than nations which don’t. Compare the crime in places like Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Ireland to crime in places like Sweden, Scandinavia, and Germany and it is really no comparison at all. As the late Christopher Hitchen’s said, the belief that a magical, bearded carpenter born to a woman who never had sex, who can moonwalk across a river and raise the dead, came to die for your sins so you don’t have to answer for any bad deed you have ever done is antithetical to reason and morality. Belief that bowing to Allah guarantees you paradise no matter how fallible you or, no matter what sins you have committed, is immoral. The dark ages. The terrorist attacks in France.


If you want to engage in this dirty lifestyle, that is your choice and you are protected by the Constitution, at least in the US. But I would implore you to consider the cost this lifestyle has on society and the world. Isn’t it time we moved past this stage and let these fantasies die?

Give it some thought.