A Note to Gay Catholic Youth who May Find This

I probably get where you are now.

I was Catholic until I was twenty five years old and have been gay my whole life so I have some idea of what you might be experiencing, both in terms of your family and from your own heart. Everyone has their own story, but there is commonality between us.

I know there is a lot of confusion. You hear some Catholics talking of Pope Francis and looking forward to big changes in the Church. Know, as one who has deeply researched my old faith before leaving it behind, that these co-called Catholics who accept you – these Stephen Colbert’s of the Church –  may be more accepting but they are “in the wrong” because the Church is “Infallible” on matters of faith. These people are in schism with the Church.

Because of this “Infallibility” the Catholic Church is, has, and will always be our enemy on some level because the God they follow will never see us as fully human. They will never change because they can’t. To change would be to admit the truth: that their Infallibility is a lie (Infallibility is another invention and another word never found in the Bible when referencing human beings). We must remain soiled and broken for that is the only way they can maintain the illusion of being correct on all moral matters for all time.

If you fear hell, ask yourself this; if God is so good, why would he throw you into a furnace to burn forever for something as small as who you fall in love with? The Catholic Church claims if you withhold that love and go through life maintaining these unreasonable laws and live a faithful life, forgoing romance or real mutual, loving connection to the sure-to-be bitter end then you may be redeemed. But think further on that point. Consider that nothing unholy may enter the presence of God (e.g. Purgatory exists to purge us of venial sins and such impurities) and that your feelings are impure by the Church definition.

Imagine yourself stripped of your desire to cuddle, hug, and kiss. Imagine being stripped of your desire to care for and your yearning to be cared for by another of the same sex. If Catholics are right, the best case scenario is you will spend your whole life alone only to be “purified” of these foul feelings. Can you imagine no longer feeling these things? I, for one, can’t. To strip me of these things would be to remove a portion of what makes me me. So, your best case scenario is the complete annihilation of who you are because God can’t stand the presence of you. Is that really worse than hell?

If they are right, we are doomed either way.

But there is hope. If you have come this far, ask yourself some other questions. If lowly humans can tolerate and even see homosexuality as good and beautiful as many of us can, why is God too small to do the same? If God is so powerful, why does he need a Church to protect Him?

In your youth groups and Life Teen you have likely heard them speak of Natural Law. Your love violates this oh so sacred Natural Law. But what is Natural Law? You will find those words appearing nowhere in the Bible. The truth of Natural Law is that it is yet another Catholic fabrication. Something invented by the pagan philospher Aristotle and adopted because Pope John Paul the Second happens to like the guy. And it is for this reason you must go to bed, lonely, for the rest of your life. Does this sound right to you?

Is the Church truly what it claims? Is the “salvation” they peddle worth the cost of a large part of who you are? Is bowing to a God so petty and so small that we are actually morally superior to Him really a worthy life goal?

If you feel you cannot give up a church and such a thought scares you then I invite you to look into both the Episcopalian faith and more liberal Lutherans. They are similar to the Catholics but they follow a God who actually has a heart and a less petty morality. And they have all the benefits of any Catholic Church you may find in terms of community and ritual.


3 thoughts on “A Note to Gay Catholic Youth who May Find This

  1. You have a way of overstating your case.
    “the God they follow will never see us as fully human” so for God gays are monkeys or something?
    Also, natural law theory was not introduced into Catholicism by JPII, as if the church were founded yesterday, but in Paul’s letter to the Romans.
    Catholics who are gay were not invented last week. People have always dealt with this sort of thing, maybe it is better it is talked about more openly today.
    Ever read the blog Steve Gershom?


    • To answer the initial question on monkeys, God doesn’t actually care for us, assuming we are going along with the Catholic and most Evangelical version. My “sexuality is disordered” so I will never be allowed into Heaven without being purged of it. That is the only logical conclusion.

      I have also read Steve Gershom, even back when he went under his pseudonym. When I started researching the Church and the gay angle three years ago I was considering living celibately. The more I read and researched, though, the more cracks began to form. Natural Law and much of Catholic tradition is drawn from Roman culture and paganism – one of the many faith shattering facts I found as I researched the Church.

      As for Paul? A false apostle. Cut all of his writing from the Bible and you lose nothing of value, save for the nonsense designed to allow the pretender to filch power and prestige from early Christians. The support of Simon Peter? Unsurprisingly, Pete has a whole ream of problems in the world of Bible scholarship, the chiefest being whether he even wrote half of his own stuff.

      I would invite you to look up Davis Danizier and “Paul vs Jesus (and James)” on Google. The guy has a book but the argument and it’s supporting scripture are available for free on his blog. For me, that was the last support structure. Without it, seventeen hundred years cards all tumbled down.

      I will admit, my anger comes through in my writing from time to time. If it is any condolence, much of it is reserved for me. When I think of the years I wasted helping this temple of falsehoods harm my LGBT brethren it makes me hurt.

      I could be wrong. If I am, I have yet to see evidence of it, though. Until then, I will do what little I can to look out for my brethren and hasten the destruction of our enemies, Islam and Pauline Christianity.


      • We don’t know what happens to our sexuality in the afterlife: there is no need to have your attractions straightened in order to live a life of grace here on earth, and I doubt it matters much in the next life.
        The phrase “natural law” is drawn from the Romans, but it isn’t as if Jews like Paul (or Peter or James or any of the other apostles) did not think pagans did not have to obey God’s moral law. Paul’s attitudes about morality for pagans were probably quite typical of cosmopolitan Jews.
        I’m perfectly aware of Paul v Jesus theories and I don’t buy them. They are generally spun out of conspiratorial readings of the NT, or arguments from silence.


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